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I hold space and grounding for people making changes in their lives. I see the energy running beneath the stories people tell, and help them to unveil truths from chaos, confusion, and illusion.

Sometimes it feels like magic, kismet, or synchronicity. When I connect with someone to support their work, we see through to what needs to emerge, and set it free.

I don't hold the answers. I hold the space, the time, the conversation and the questions. From here, the answers reveal themselves.

Let's Begin.

Hi, I'm Ellen Wyoming DeLoy

I help people to step into the truth of themselves, their work, and their purpose.

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Listen to interviews I've had with experts in health, wellness, and well-being. Dive in on segments on social issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion. Learn more about personal development, growth mindsets, and your own intuition. 


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“Working with Ellen has changed my life.”
- Jamila T.

what people say:

Truth: I love the outdoors. It's feeds my soul.

I spent a good portion of my 20's sleeping outside under the stars. I worked in the Grand Canyon, led trips with students through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, or took them camping in Yellowstone National Park. I came into my own in the outdoors and helped others to do so too. Today while I'm not guiding outdoors for my job anymore, I am guiding people inward for their own growth and expansion. It's still an adventure and a journey. It's worth it just as much as a campfire under the stars.

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When you work with me, sometimes we dive into a guided meditation to really make space for YOU and release all that's not yours. Listen to this guided breathing meditation and feel the stress melt away from your body in 11 easy minutes. 

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