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I work with people who know that the route forward is to go within. Whether in the way they lead teams and organizations, or they pursue their individual dreams, I'm here to help you on the next step of your evolution. 

I work with energy, intuition, meditation, mindfulness AND my rich traditional work background to create common ground for connection to set you up to do the real work that the world, and our true selves, are asking of us.

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Hi, I'm Ellen Wyoming DeLoy

Things are shifting. They are always shifting.
It's an illusion to think that what "was" was best, or that we are ever at "stasis".

Resistance stems from attachments rooted in doubt, insecurity, and a lack of clarity for what's really present. Sometimes it's attached to people we feel beholden to energetically, even if not intellectually. We must be willing to get to the root of energetic ties that hold us back in order to release them for true clarity.

We must be willing to drop illusions for what we think is "real".

Only from here can we make the choices that best serve us, and our communities, best. It's not always comfortable or what we expect, so courage and trust to experience something new and different is necessary.

I know this: if we can drop our attachment to illusions, and grapple with truths we've ignored by ignorance, complicity, or will, we can make progress. 

I help people build the skills necessary for healing themselves and the systems they exist within from the basis of mindful leadership, compassion, empathy, and self-reflection. Those interested receive support in energy work and intuition development as well.

I've been called an expert facilitator and coach, a healer, and even shamanic in how I practice. It's a blend of all three that are constantly emerging and growing, as I meet the present moment, and those who seek me at the times they do.

It's my mission to help people build the skills they need to increase collaboration, efficiency, and mindful leadership while reducing or eliminating harm.

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Whether for you or your organization, work with me to your support growth, change and expansion. I offer organizations consulting and speaking services, I offer individuals group and 1:1 coaching as well as intuitive readings.


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I interview experts in health, wellness, and well-being and dive in on social issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion. I talk through personal development tools you can use, how to grow your mindset, and how your intuition can support your growth. 


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“Working with Ellen has changed my life.”
- Jamila T.

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Fun fact: I used to be a Grand Canyon river guide.

Walking (or rafting) people through challenging terrain has kind of been my thing since I was 19 years old. My background in outdoor leadership, environmental education, teaching, and 10 years in community engagement, facilitation, and project management for resilient, diverse, and equitable communities has given me a skillset like no other. 

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When you work with me, sometimes we dive into a guided meditation to really make space for YOU and release all that's not yours. Listen to this guided breathing meditation and feel the stress melt away from your body in 11 easy minutes. 

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