I help people and teams committed to building a better world get their vision off the ground and into action.

Do you have the tools and skills you need, but don't have them in play consistently in a way that benefits you?

Are you wondering how it could be better, but aren't sure where to start?

Does analysis paralysis keep you stuck in one spot?

I can help.

creating positive change in your daily life, your team, or your community takes time, effort, and focus. 

work with me for:
- Tailored coaching to your unique position
- highly skilled team facilitation rooted in equity and inclusion
- keen listening and clear communication 
- supoprt in seeing and addressing underlying sources of challenge

take a pause, then take action

I provide deliberate, strategic, and inspired support for my coaching and facilitation clients.

I'm a guide on the side as you navigate new territory. Whether it be stepping into new roles, stepping out of places and spaces that don't work for you any more, or growing your impact as an inclusive and equitable team or community partner, I can help.

I have a knack for juggling the big picture without missing the nuance on the ground. I use this to help my clients tune into powerful day to day actions that get them where they want to go faster and with more impact.

HI, I'M Ellen!

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Work with me.

Pick a time that works for you in my scheduler, you'll get a Zoom link for the date / time you choose.

We'll have up to 45 minutes for you to share your situation and goals, and to ask me questions. I'll share with you my approach and process. 

Once we decide we'd be a good fit to work together, we start the work!

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Kate F., Portland, OR


Ellen is a stellar guide! Her feedback, questions, and reflections were just what I needed and right when I needed them. I don't know how she did it, but she kept it up over the course of our time together. She helped me move into a new phase of my professional life as well as build some skills I'll use forever professionally and personally. I'd recommend her to any person or organization ready to look in-ward in order to level-up!

Sarah W., Los Angeles, CA


Ellen's coaching provided me with the piece I'd been missing: managing energy and boundaries to help me move forward. Ellen amazed me with her ability to listen - deeply and compassionately - to hear what I needed and where I was stuck. She designed projects and experiences that taught me how to self-heal and release patterns and energy that no longer serve me. There is some magic flowing through Ellen; she is truly connected to the Universe. I feel so grateful to Ellen for the insight and self-awareness she has empowered me to cultivate and I highly recommend her, especially if you feel "stuck." Those who know and partner with Ellen recognize what light and joy and wisdom she brings to any interaction. Thank you, Ellen!

Gaylen Beatty,
Metro regional Government 
Portland, OR


As public agencies work toward racial equity, diversity, and inclusion, things need to be done differently so all people thrive. Ellen brings experience, strategy, humor and joy to that work, for transformational results. Her facilitation is very strong, and she can work with a room filled with a few people or a few hundred.

When I work with Ellen, I feel confident that we are getting to system change through her heart-centered work.

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