I'm motivated by trust, generosity, forgiveness, and non-judgment.

It's these qualities that will help us best work together for the solutions we need in our world today.

Really enjoying my morning coffee. Intermittent Fasting (18:6). 
Epsom salt baths as needed.
Being with my kids.
Appreciating my awesome husband.
Practicing mindfulness through various paths.

daily rituals

Homeschooling my kids, writing, podcasting, working on projects that advance good, advising on processes, diving into energy work, finding peace in small and big moments.


Gossip, bad-mouthing, ignoring your truth, having no boundaries, people pleasing.


Honesty, integrity, and walking the talk. I believe in doing your best until you know better, then when you know better, do better. (Thanks Dr. Maya Angelou)


We are always creating in the present -- right now -- and the future we are bringing toward us can arrive with consciousness or unconsciousness. When we raise our conscious presence in the actions we take in the present moment, we are more deliberate, intentional, and have greater impact. This creates better outcomes for all. 

I have an undergraduate degree in geography from the University of Texas - Austin, and a masters degree in urban and regional planning from Portland State University. 

I'm good at leading teams and projects. I'm a skilled facilitator, action-taker, and I've been a part of a lot of good work with many great people. Ask me about the mind/body program I developed for high school students, my work developing the Portland Mercado, creating a multi-cultural partnership for the development of Chehalem Ridge Nature Park, or facilitating the creation of the Racial Equity Action Plan for Metro Parks and Nature.

You can also review additional selected consulting work here.

When I work or partner with others, I operate from a place of compassion, clarity, and accountability. I don't believe in shame, blame, punishment, regret, or hard-feelings. I do believe in boundaries, reliability and owning and managing what's yours, and letting go of what's not yours to have or control. And critically, understanding the difference.

I believe that progress moves at the pace of trust and relationships, and sometimes going slow is going fast.

People bring me in when communication and trust has broken down and they are looking for holistic measures to improve how their teams work together that involve a willingness to take a hard look at how they've done things, now that they know the way out is not the same as they way they arrived there.

I work with people 1:1 when they are ready to make big changes, take leaps, and knuckle down deeply into their true, purposeful work (even if they are still trying to figure out what that is, exactly.)

About Me:

My Favorite Things

Getting outside with our kids and adventuring, Me belaying my son, his first outdoor climbing experience.

This dog. Very good at fetch. Never bolts (for real). The sweetest.

A good camp set up with friends. Disclaimer, this pic is from a trip my husband took with the kids and our friends, I was out of town. I had serious FOMO.

My Favorite Things (& People)

My hubbie Mike! He's essential in my life, and at work (shout out to all the nurses!)

Art projects (and science projects, and nature exploration) with the kids. My daughter here, painting.

Bibimbap! My Mom is from S. Korea. Korean food is my comfort food.

11 Books

Books say a lot about someone. Here's a cursory list of books I've read that have helped me reflect, learn, or be informed in ways that were intellectual, emotional, or spiritual, sometimes all at once.

killers of the flower moon 

highway of tears

the sentence

Parable of the Sower &
Parable of the Talents

annals of the former world

A New Earth

reality is not what it seems

family properties

the joy luck club

- John McPhee

- Amy Tan

- Beryl Satter

- Jessica McDiarmid

- David Grann

- Eckhart Tolle

- Octavia E. Butler

- Carlo Rovelli

-Louise Erdrich

"Ellen is an extraordinary coach. She leads you straight out of your illusion. She sees what is blocking your success and progress. She helped me to understand the old patterns and let it go. Her positivity is contagious, your energy level will shift immediately." - Katerina, Austria


so they say:

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