Things like watching out for the best interest of the group and ensuring everyone is included and able to participate.

Also, clear communication, expectations, and check-ins on how people are doing. Are we on point to get where we're going together? Are we able to adjust our plans due to the unexpected storm? Is each person equipped with the tools, skills and practice they need to be successful?

Empowering people to do things they haven't done before, whether rafting through the Grand Canyon, or starting their own business, is what brings me the most joy. When there's that "click" of understanding, and the joy of suddenlty "getting" what they need to be getting, that is why I get out of bed in the morning to do this work.

Whether I'm working with an individual or a team, we are all on a journey. I'm your guide on the side while you learn the new terrain, and we'll get to the gorgeous view, together.

I'm Ellen. I help people scale metaphorical mountains, mostly because I used to be an outdoor educator and guide.

And in all seriousness, a lot of the skills I use every day in my coaching, facilitation and consulting are the things i learned guiding and teaching in the grand canyon, Colorado, wyoming, new mexico and west texas.

you've got this.

Here are a few other things you might like to know:

• Bachelors degree from the University of Texas - Austin
• Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Portland State University
• Coursework in Change Management through Cornell University

Here's a short-list of some of my team / organizational clients:

• State of Oregon, Governor's Office
• Metro regional government, Portland, Oregon
• Washington County, Oregon
• City of Beaverton, Oregon
• City of Gresham, Oregon
• Confluence Environmental Center
• Hacienda Community Development Corporation
• Camp ELSO
• Mt. Adams Institute
• Greenbelt Land Trust

Dr. Tia Ho, PhD
portland, OR


Ellen gets it. She knows the fear that comes from launching forward to pursue your dreams and understands that taking one motion after another requires courage.

In sessions with Ellen some of the most useful moments are when she repeats back what she hears me saying while nudging me forward.

She's intuitive and gives me visual descriptions of what is possible that help me think of new possibilities and opportunities that I had not thought of before.

She is sharp, enthusiastic and brings humor to the work.

Jessica M., Corvallis, OR


I came into this work really craving one on one discussions that went deep. Where I could set down the balls in the air and take stock of my priorities and goals. I also wanted to work with someone who wasn’t following a strictly prescribed model, but who excelled in being agile and personal. Someone who brought joy and an inquisitive spirit to the table. Fortunately, I found just this person with Ellen.

As I move forward after working with Ellen, each day I feel an intentional practice is becoming habit. I ask myself, how am I showing up in this moment? What does generosity and curiosity look like right now? As this habit of inquiry becomes deeper and more ingrained in my day, I find myself laughing more, standing taller, and having more grace with myself and others.

Dr. Emily wolbers, ND
Portland, OR


Ellen is highly skilled, passionate, and a fantastic communicator. She has an innate ability to view a situation holistically and find the root nugget that can be adjusted to improve outcomes for everyone involved. She is a coach, a healer, an advocate, and a true gem! I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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